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"Наркотики? Я их не принимаю. В мою бытность в Thin Lizzy мы баловались наркотиками. Один из наших друзей умер. Многие друзья увлекались героином и умерли от зависимости. Я думаю, можно и нужно наказывать людей за распространение наркотиков. А наркоманов - лечить, безусловно. Как в Англии."

Гэри Мур

"Nowhere Fast"

Frozen in time, lost in a space

Your life is movin' at a dead snail's pace

No momentum or trajectory for you

Still born treacle that you're waiting through

All the time wonderin' if the future's passed

All the signs are sayin' nowhere fast

How did you get here, no one can say

Looking too hard, you can lose your way

Don't try to blame nobody else

There's only one person who can help yourself

All the time you know that it just can't last

All the signs are sayin' nowhere fast

Dig a big hole, sink in the rut

Stick in the mud till your senses shut

Concrete sand around your feet

Marching in circles to the drudgy beat

All the time in the world that's passed

And still you're goin' nowhere fast

Will you still remember as you breathe your last

All the time you wasted goin' nowhere fast

Nowhere fast

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